Classic Doctor Who: Page 1

She lets her knowledge out a bit at a time, so as not to embarrass me.

Ian, talking about Susan, in "An Unearthly Child"

Don't you think you're being rather high-handed, young man? You thought you saw a young girl enter the yard, you imagine you heard her voice, you believe she might be in there. Not very substantial, is it?

The Doctor, to Ian, in "An Unearthly Child"

I tolerate this century but I don't enjoy it.

The Doctor, in "An Unearthly Child"

Have you ever thought what it's like, to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles?

The Doctor, in "An Unearthly Child"

Your arrogance is nearly as great as your ignorance.

The Doctor, to Ian, in "An Unearthly Child"

There is no indignity in being afraid to die, but there is a terrible shame in being afraid to live.

Alydon, in "The Daleks"

I'm afraid we have no time for codes and manners.

The Doctor, in "The Edge of Destruction"

A rash action is worse than no action at all.

The Doctor, in "The Edge of Destruction"

"Frankly Doctor, I find it hard to keep pace with you."

"You mean 'to keep one jump ahead'; that you will never be!"

Ian and the Doctor, in "The Edge of Destruction"

It was your instincts and intuition against my logic, and you succeeded.

The Doctor, to Barbara, in "The Edge of Destruction"

"You know, I acquired that ulster from Gilbert and Sullivan."

"Oh, really? I thought it was made for two."

The Doctor and Ian, in "The Edge of Destruction"

"Perhaps it's frozen."

"No, impossible... not in this temperature. Besides, it's too warm."

Barbara and the Doctor, in "The Keys of Marinus"

"What's that awful noise?"

"I beg your pardon... 'Awful noise'? A good way to talk about my singing!"

"No, Doctor, not that awful noise -- the other one!"

Barbara and the Doctor, in "The Chase"

"Where's your spirit of adventure, hm?"

"It died a slow and painful death when those bats came out of the rafters."

Ian and the Doctor, in "The Chase"

You know, I am so constantly outwitting the opposition, I tend to forget the delight and satisfaction of the arts... the gentle art of fisticuffs.

The Doctor, in "The Romans"

One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye, Susan.

The Doctor, in "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"

That is the dematerializing control. And that, over yonder, is the horizontal hold. Up there is the scanner, those are the doors, that is a chair with a panda on it. Sheer poetry, dear boy. Now please stop bothering me.

The Doctor, in "The Time Meddler"

"What do you think of that, now, eh? A Viking helmet."


"What do you mean, 'maybe'? What do you think it is, a space helmet for a cow?"

The Doctor and Steven, in "The Time Meddler"

"Why do you suppose they're fighting?"

"I haven't the remotest idea, my boy. No doubt their reasons will be entirely adequate."

Steven and the Doctor, in "The Myth Makers"

Who am I to fear the thunder, you superstitious dark dodging decadent?

Hector, in "The Myth Makers"

"How dare you? I am high priestess of Troy!"

All right, then, get back to your temple before you give us all galloping religious mania!

Cassandra and Paris, in "The Myth Makers"

"You see, I'm treated with more respect by the enemy than I am by my own family."

"They don't know you as well as we do."

Paris and Cassandra, in "The Myth Makers"

"How do you know?"

"I don't know, I'm guessing."

Jamie and the Doctor, in "The Macra Terror"

I can stand an operation on its head quicker than anyone.

The Doctor, in "The Macra Terror"

Bad laws were made to be broken.

The Doctor, in "The Macra Terror"

Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority.

The Doctor, in "The Wheel in Space"

Your leader will be angry if you kill me; I'm a genius!

The Doctor, in "The Seeds of Death"

You could augment an earwig to the point where it understood nuclear physics, but it would still be a very stupid thing to do!

The Doctor, in "The Two Doctors"

The universe should be big enough for the both of us ... just.

The Doctor, in "The Two Doctors"

"Look at him! He's got 'archaeologist' written all over him!"

"Really? Does it show?"

Viner and the Doctor, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

"You look very nice in that dress, Victoria."

"Thank you. You don't think it's a bit, uh --"

"A bit short? Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. Look at Jamie's."

The Doctor and Victoria, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

Do not raise your voice. You will achieve nothing by shouting.

Kaftan, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

"Yes, yes, I can see that, but how did you know in the first place?"

"Oh, I use my own special technique."

"Oh, really, Doctor? And may we know what that is?"

"Keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut."

Klieg and The Doctor, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

I love to see the experts at work, don't you?

The Doctor, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

If you take the sum of the integrates [sic] and express the results as a power series, then the interstices show the basic binary blocks, although I wouldn't do it if I were you.

The Doctor, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

Your struggle is futile.

The Cybercontroller, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

Our lives are different from anybody else's. That's the exciting thing. Nobody in the universe can do what we're doing!

The Doctor, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

"The power cable generated an electrical field and confused their tiny metal minds. You might almost say they had a complete metal breakdown."

<wincing> "Oooh."

"I'm so sorry."

The Doctor and Jamie, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

"He's fortunate. I spared him."

"You mean you missed him."

Klieg and Jamie, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

When I say run, run!

The Doctor, in "Tomb of the Cybermen"

My dear Miss Shaw, I never "report myself" anywhere.. particularly not "forthwith".

The Doctor, in "The Silurians"

"It bombards atoms with subatomic particles."


Dr. Lawrence and the Doctor, in "The Silurians"

"I take it you're yet another member of the UNIT team?"

"Yes. Depressing, isn't it?"

Dr. Meredith and the Doctor, in "The Silurians"

"This is the permanent undersecretary."

"Yes, well, I've got no time to chat to undersecretaries, permanent or otherwise."

The Doctor, in "The Silurians"